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What readers are saying

- a few of the comments we've received about Ollie's stories


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“A wonderful story about the adventures of the magnificent mollusc Ollie. This book is full of fun facts and hidden treasures, the kids loved it!”

– Martin (verified purchase)

Such a lovely childrens story, both beautifully written and illustrated. My son (who really isn’t in to books) actually sat and enjoyed the whole story (more than once), went back to study the illustrations and has since continued to return to it, asking me to read it again! It’s a winner! I’ve bought an extra copy for his school library and I know it will be equally loved and enjoyed there!”

– Claire (verified purchase)

With thought-provoking ideas and lovely illustrations ‘Jolly Ollie Octopus’ may well become a future children’s classic.”

– Ray (verified purchase)

“This is a great book. My son loves all the interesting facts and wants to head, flying by seagull airlines of course, to the highlands to meet sweet Ellie Mae.”

– Matt (verified purchase)

My 2yo loves Jolly Ollie! He gets really happy when Ollie changes colors. It’s introduced new vocabulary to him and it’s fun to read because of the rhyming rhythm.”

– Kat (verified purchase)

Great book for reading aloud to kids, heartwarming, informative story yet with enough silliness to keep them amused. Big bright pages to share while snuggled up together. What’s not to like?”

– Sean (verified purchase)

“I have finally sat down and read the lovely Jolly Ollie’s adventure. Loved it so much I went straight through the Christmas Story-everybody loves a happy ending, Beautifully written and fabulous illustrations. I won’t be giving my copy away but will be kind just like Ollie and Ellie-Mae and buy some more for presents!!”

– Eleri (verified purchase)

“Dearest Ollie,

thank you for bringing us so much joy and much needed laughter in these times (also I very much enjoy the meaning of how to find unconventional happiness which is something you have always been able to show me). Your rhymes are quite sublime and my son likes to chime in during his bedtime 😉

Jane you are quite something! So are the lovely drawings! keep it up.”

– Virginia (verified purchase)

Ollie brought the perfect blend of joy, education and enchantment to our bedtime reading. The book is filled with hidden treasures and we can’t get enough of the rhyming sea creature facts.”

– Yvonne (verified purchase)

“Oohh, I like it” said my daughter Ami (2) seeing Ollie for the first time. Lovely, heartwarming story.”

– Stephanie (verified purchase)

“What a fabulous book, cleverly written and beautifully illustrated. A fabulous message about friendship and helping others.

My 11-year-old granddaughter loves reading it to her 4-year-old brother. He absolutely adores stories with a rhyme, so the combination of education, encompassing the joy of reading is fabulous.
I hope we see and hear more about Ollie in the future.”

– Alison (verified purchase)

What a joy this book is! Brightly coloured, inclusive illustrations beautifully drawn accompany a text rich in fun, poetry, and educational content. Two copies to the homes of various nieces and nephews aged from 2 to adulthood have made it obvious that this is a book to treasure for a long time, from bedtime story to first reader and onwards. And who knew that curious fact about starfish? Shhhhhh…”

– Suzie (verified purchase)

“Jolly-Ollie brought joy to my cousins eyes. They reveled in the story and couldn’t stop laughing at the joke telling.

I thought it also included a great message about friendship and helping each other when we are feeling a little blue.

My cousins also loved the illustrations and descriptions of undersea creatures before and after the main text of the book.

I’m looking forward to sharing the coloring sheets and word game sheets with them now that they know all about Jolly-Ollie.”

– Aimee (verified purchase)

An educational, warm, colourful, and engaging book. Totally delightful.. Can’t wait to hear what my nieces and nephew think of it.”

– NannyM (verified purchase)

“Enchanting from beginning to end with humorous uplifting poetry, prose and artwork.

What a witty and informative tale that is slyly philosophical on many levels.

The artwork is captivating, beautiful and full of hidden treasures.

The entire book is a deft lesson on the joy that helping others brings to everyone.

Good press for the too often maligned magnificent molluscs the creative intelligent adaptive octopuses.

Deserves to be a classic and should be on every child’s shelf, so we have bought six copies for all of our friends children.

Written for a special Ellie Mae it is a gift for all ages.”

– James (verified purchase)

I bought this book for my 5-year-old godson – but first had to read it myself of course! The story is enchanting and uplifting, the illustrations are beautiful and humorous. My godson sat listening raptly to the story – and he’s a little boy who usually prefers football to books! We can’t wait for more of Ollie’s adventures. He’s exactly what the world needs these days!”

– Martha (verified purchase)

My son, 7 years old, absolutely LOVED this book! He is a big fan of anything sealife related… so Jolly Ollie was a very welcome addition to his world! Beautifully written, stunning illustrations and lots of fun facts. Everyone should have a colourful Jolly Ollie brightening up their day! My son wanted to get onto the website straight away once he realised there were activities to do. He proceeded to work through the activities with great enthusiasm, whilst listening (on repeat for an hour might I add!) to the ‘Octopus Garden’ song! Brilliant child entertainment. Thank you!!”

– Beth (verified purchase)

Absolutely loved this book. Something magical about it for young and old. Everyone needs a Jolly-Ollie Octopus in their life. He can lighten up the dullest moment and definitely adds a splash of colour to the world. Have already bought my second copy.”

– Jude (verified purchase)

“Gabriella 8: I really enjoyed reading about Jolly Ollie and his friends, I think others will enjoy it too!

Sienna 6: He’s so colourful. I would love to fly with him!”

– Team Hardiman (verified purchase)

On the ‘Christmas Gift List’ of a Top Ten UK Mummy Blogger

“Fun, colourful illustrations both on the cover and inside make this book particularly appealing to children. My youngest found it downstairs and read the whole book before putting on the television one morning. Anyone with children will realise how remarkable it is for a child to choose a book over the television.”


5 Star Readers’ Favorite review

… a tale of wonder, friendship, encouragement, and belief in oneself… Gorgeous illustrations transport the reader to a dreamy seaside …  a valuable message about the healing power of helping others and celebrating the gifts that you’ve been given.

… Ollie demonstrates how powerful it can be to believe in yourself. I was captivated by the whimsical drawings …  This book will comfort children while encouraging them to dream and believe that anything is possible.

– Belinda Facal, author

Jolly Ollie cover

Jolly Ollie and his Australian Adventure

Did you know Ollie has left his cosy home in Scotland and gone to visit Australia? Find his wonderful new adventure here.