Jolly Ollie Octopus


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A magical tale of friendship, kindness, and understanding ourselves and each other. Follow a gentle, gloomy octopus as he learns to find some happiness – and how he turns into all the colours of the rainbow.

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The playful, rhyming story is the perfect starting point for talking to children about happiness, and how we can help others and ourselves find what makes us smile. The rhythmic verse and charming illustrations make it an ideal bedtime story.

Five things you should know about the book…


it’s a story – a whimsical, charming, imagination-boosting story

there are bonus pages of fun seaside facts

the rhythm and rhyme are spot on so it’s great for reading aloud

it’s inspired by the Zulu greeting ‘sawubona’, expressing the idea that people come alive in the presence of others

it’s written for children¬†and adults – everyone finds something to laugh at and love

The book will get you thinking about…


what makes you happy

how to help others find what makes them happy

the true, selfless meaning of friendship

the kindness of strangers

how where we are changes who we are

Jolly Ollie cover

Jolly Ollie and his Australian Adventure

Did you know Ollie has left his cosy home in Scotland and gone to visit Australia? Find his wonderful new adventure here.