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Fun with Ollie and friends

- for a little wizardry with words


Help Ollie write a story, put broken words back together, or join the dots to create a colouring page. 

And keep checking back! Ollie does have eight arms and nine brains, after all, so he’s often coming up with new ideas and adding brand new games.

Beginners – bronze

Here you’ll find colouring sheets, spelling games, and picture drawing challenges that are perfect for your littlest Jolly Ollie fans.

Feeling dotty

Ollie needs help to draw his picture! Follow the numbers, join the dots, and create a beautiful picture that is ready to be coloured in.

Feeling dotty

Ollie needs help to draw his picture! Follow the numbers, join the dots, and create a beautiful picture that is ready to be coloured in.

Spelling in a flash

Ollie wants to help you learn to spell some of his favourite words. Print off the flash cards and play the games, and you will be a spelling champion in no time! He’s left space for you to add an extra word at the end over two cards. How about your name, or where you live?

Colour it in

What colour do you think tropical fish should be? Colour in these two and create the most dramatic, dazzling fish on the whole reef!

Go dotty Downunder

Join the dots and… what do you get? Five gorgeous pages to colour in when you’ve finished drawing the Australian animals.

Memory mayhem

Here are pictures of Ollie and 11 of his friends. Print them out, stick them to the side of an old cereal box and then cut out the cards. Mix them up, spread them out, turn them over, and now test your memory! Who can pick up the most pairs?

Spot the difference

Did you know that octopuses like to hide themselves? Ollie thinks it is great fun to hide things – can you spot all the differences in the two pictures?

A year of animals

In China, years are named after different animals. Can you find all twelve animals that Ollie has hidden in amongst a lot of letters?

Animal alphabet

Ollie met a lot of different animals when he travelled through Asia. Learn to spell some of his favourites in a fun matching game!

Colourful crab

Have you ever looked at shells on a beach? They come in amazing colours. What colour shell would you put on this hermit crab’s back?

A little bit harder – silver

We have word games and colouring sheets for Ollie fans who are getting more confident with their spelling and want a slightly harder challenge.

Feeling dotty

Ollie needs help to draw his picture! Follow the numbers, join the dots, and create a beautiful picture that is ready to be coloured in.

Hidden words

Ollie has hidden some of his friends in a wordsearch. If you can find all of them, you will uncover a very special secret message he’s hidden just for you…

Make them match

Back home from his trip to Australia, Ollie’s tidying up his words and wants to put them into pairs. Help him match them up!

Create colourful chaos

What colour trees would you like to see? And should you perhaps put some sunglasses on the funky Hawaiian palm? Let your imagination go into overdrive and colour in the world

Colour fun

What colour should a sea monster be? You decide! Pick your favourite monster colours and then decorate the frame to make a beautiful picture.

Dropped letters

Ollie has dropped the letters of some of his favourite words, and he’s hidden a magical message if you help mend the words.

Opposites attract

Ollie and Ellie may be best friends, but they often argue. Ollie says ‘up!’ and Ellie immediately says ‘down!’ Can you find Ellie’s replies and get the special hidden message in this word game?

Message in a bottle

‘Jolly Ollie and his Asian Odyssey’ starts with a message in a bottle. Ollie’s found another message but some of the words are smudged. Can you help him read it?

An animal a year

In China, every year is named after an animal. Can you find them all in this wordsearch?

Paint a panda

Everyone knows pandas are black and white… but are they really? What colour panda would you like to see?!

Hardest of the lot – gold

Do you want to write a story? Try an ‘Ollie Expert’ crossword? Do some very careful colouring in? Try these games that offer the ultimate in Ollie challenges.

Feeling dotty

Ollie needs help to draw his picture! Follow the numbers, join the dots, and create a beautiful picture that is ready to be coloured in.

Colour it in

What colour do you think Ollie should be today? Add your favourite colours to Ollie – and be sure to give the anemones funky hairstyles, too!


Two of the things Ollie likes most – colouring and word games – are mixed together. Test your knowledge of the book with some tricky Expert Only questions.

Write a story

Ollie loves to tell the silliest, saddest, funniest, maddest stories! He can help you write your own story. Just fill in the gaps, read it out to a friend, and start laughing!

Where in the world?

Ollie knows where he’d like to go on his next adventure, and Ellie Mae is desperate to know! Rather than just tell her, he’s given her a series of clues. Can you help her work out where Ollie goes next? 

Colouring coral

A beautiful underwater scene from Ollie’s second adventure for you to colour in and make your own. How will you decorate the Great Barrier Reef? 

Write a poem

Ollie loves words that rhyme, and he’s written almost all of a poem about butterflies and where they got their name. Can you fill in the blanks with rhyming words and complete it for him? Ollie would love to hear YOUR story, too – why is a butterfly called a butterfly?

New from old

When you take the letters of one word and use them to make a new word, it’s called an ‘anagram’. Ollie and Ellie are playing with anagrams, and if you solve them you’ll find a magical hidden word…

A year for animals

Which animals are used to name years in the Chinese Zodiac? Scratch your brain and find them all in this wordsearch.

Jungle colour

Jungles are bursting with colourful creatures – what colours do YOU want to see in a jungle? A gorgeous page for you to colour in and hang on the wall.

Ollie absolutely loves listening to music – and he loves playing it, too, now that he has his very own one-octopus band! Here’s what he’s listening to now…

Are you surprised that Ollie likes to listen to ‘Octopus’s Garden’? He didn’t like living alone at the bottom of the deep, dark ocean but he does have friends in the sea who have some wonderful gardens. Would you like to visit an octopus’s garden?

Whenever Ollie starts to feel the end of his arms turning a little blue, he sings some of his favourite songs to cheer himself up. Do you know the gorgeous, happy, kite-flying song that helps Ollie soar above any grey clouds? Sing along with everyone!

Ollie became fascinated by Aboriginal people and their culture while in Australia, and even learned to play the didgeridoo. Can you hear when the didgeridoo is playing in this piece of music…? Listen carefully; it’s a unique, haunting sound.

Ollie’s friendly facts

Ollie’s bursting with fun facts. Find them in the book or keep looking on here for new facts about Ollie’s friends!

Jolly Ollie cover

Jolly Ollie Octopus

Do you know the story of Jolly Ollie Octopus? He came from the bottom of the deep blue sea to explore the big wide world. You can buy the book by clicking here.