Book at Bedtime

Sharing is Caring Why a book at bedtime can be the most important part of the day “A book at bedtime is the moment of calm after a frantic day.” The world over, people fill time on their commute by burying their nose in a book – or for those stuck in...

Say it Loud

Say it Loud Why stories read aloud sparks a child's imagination “…a reminder of nights spent circled around campfires when our most distant ancestors explained the world away with mythical heroes…” I’ve always thought there is something...

Paint me a Birmingham

Paint me a Birmingham Never ask an illustrator to 'make it look just the way I plan' “‘No! I am an artist with ideas and thoughts and vision of my own! Let me have some input!'” Driving alone from LA to Denver some years ago, I tuned into the car...

Books Aloud

Books Out Loud Why reading aloud to a child will change their world “I realised that, at the tender age of Not Quite Three, she hadn’t yet twigged that the squiggles on the page, the words, had anything to do with anything.” Some years ago, a friend...

When B comes before A

When B comes before A Bookshops beat Amazon every time “Why walk down to your local bookstore … when, from the comfort of your sofa, you could just order one online?” I’ll hit you with a blunt reality: only a handful of authors make a living...
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